Gabrielle Münter  (1877 - 1962)


1906: Kandinsky smoking a pipe 

Since owning a real and original print by Gabrielle Münter is of course impossible and unthinkable the mortal collector will have to settle with a reproduction. And be happy if quality reproductions are available . 

This reproduciton was published by “Städistche Galerie im Lembachhaus in Munich: and is as good as it gets.  This particular copy was used in 2001 as gift (“Jahresgabe”) by the German pipe smokers club Radford’s (also a popular brand of pipe tobacco). It has a blind stamp. 

See other  fine museum copies by this important Munich Museum at Wassily Kandinsky. 

In 1905 lovers Kandinsky and Münter settled in Paris. My research into the early history of Modern Printmaking revealed an interesting and not before discussed or researched connection. Studying the work of pioneering and influential printmaker Ethel Mars when she lived in Paris I discovered a (to my knowledge) untitled print that may cast a new light on the development of printmaking in Paris. For now I leave any conclusions to the visitor of this website. Hopefully due time the meaning (importance) will more clear. A new project …