(Pollards in a typical Duch polder landscape)

Little known and researched Dutch self taught etcher. Died young of a heart attack leaving his Frisian widdow with the care of 6 small orphaned children orphaned. Used to travel the country side in a caravan, drawing typical Dutch scenery (Volendam, Marken, windmills, farms, landscape etc. Undeservedly neglected drawer and etcher, not even mentioned in Pieter Scheen Duch artist lexicon.  


2 Pollards by a still unidentified etcher. 

Pollards, (Knotwilgen, “Kopfweiden”) are typical for a vanishing (and to me nostalgic type of landscape: small fields, ditches, field birds and small herds of cows with horns. 

In short: a perfect collecting symbol …….