The large format Hamburg harbour print no doubt is among Odefey’s very best. It is however no longer part of this collection but kept in the collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) as part of a 2017 bequest by Marla J. Kinney. Not used to selling prints and collecting on a budget sometimes sacrifices have to be made in order to be able to finance other acquisitions more befitting the general motto and goals of my mainly women artists collection. Besides what better initiatives to support, what better place to move to? 5 years later chance, good luck or a benevolent good Lord (I am an agnostic) send this new example of Odefey’s printmaking art to Friesland. Where it obviously belongs and will stay. For the moment.  


Some more examples of Odefey’s work as a printmaker, very reminding of Emil Orlik. With the same initials  he used an identical monogram.