Cagne sûr Mer - 1954

Medieval artist village, home of Renoir.  Situated between Cannes and Nice. Also known as the “Montmartre du Sud” and “Montparnasse en Vacances”.


Some collected examples to illustrate the colourful Mediterranean world of Dutch artist Gillis van Oosten. They are freely borrowed from past auctions and one gallery in particular, in nearby Groningen who has  several of these watercolours (although said to be gouaches) in stock. This example, found totally by accident, was obviously created on the spot during his visit to France in 1954. It is possible van Oosten stayed tin Cagne for a longer period like Duch author Hans van der Kallen, known for his HAVANK  detective novels. Other examples show Italian scenery and all are strongly reminding (me) of works by Henri Matisse and Raoul Dufy. 

Together they take the visitor back to happy, sunny, summer moments spent in the Provence and near the Mediterranean Sea.  

Courtesy examples: Kunsthandel Han de Vos 

PS: by sheer co-incidence I stumbled over an almost identical view (a few meters down-hill) of  this street in Cagne-sûr-Mer by Dutch painter Carl Cornelis van Niekerk (1897-1984) after acquiring a watercolour by this artist of Saint Rémy-en-Provence: Inserted above and see: Carl Cornelis van Niekerk.