In the past I did some extensive research in the pré WW-II Landwehr-kanal region in Berlin: it is where George Mosson lived: the painting teacher of several of my Berlin women printmakers. He walked here, every day to his studio at Nollendorfplatz. I reconstructed his life as the last male member of his long Jewish family-line in a separate research project resulting in a paper.  I also followed in his early 1900’s footsteps. With artists, topography, paintings, old photo’s etc.. and created a fascinating time document. Today there’s hardly anything left to remember the glory and “grandeur” of this neighbourhood, the villa’s, the offices and galleries.  Pallmann obviously loved this beautiful and intimate corner of old Berlin near “Tiergarten” and I was pleased to own the waiting: “Pferde-droschke” (horse drawn carriage) waiting for passengers at Lutzlow-brucke.  To my own surprise I was allowed recently (2024) to add Charlottenburg or Bahnhof Zoo print. Found in a Dutch charity shop…...  (the typical (British ?) double-decker omnibus in Berlin is puzzling) 


Some more examples of Pullman’s works created along the Landwehr canal.