Wally Peretz is, secretely, my most cherished printmaker. I can say this without offending other muses like Else Schmiedeberg, Marianne von Buddenbrock and probably half a dozen of other “most cherished”printmakers. I am a romantic by heart and have spend countless hours in seeking her and her family. As so often before I found a Jewish family dispersed over the globe in separate waves of unfriendly, hostile and saddest moments of human history. From the Baltic States to Russia, expelled to Germany, annihilated and expelled from Germany to all over the globe.

You can read the result of my investigations into her family in the book (Vol. 1) and in the highlights through the link under her name (above). 

I can understand why, at first glance “art experts” do not even turn their heads passing a print by Wally Peretz. And I am happy with my secret admiration for this artist: I just love her bold and modernist approach of the flower still-life. The fact that so few works seem to have survived and withstood time (these 7 examples represent all I came to know) and the time and effort I spent to find and acquire just these 4 examples as well as her disappearance from records and history in general into oblivion adding greatly to her state of illusiveness. To me.


Extra information: The Poppies in a blue vase print was sold in auction to someone even more keen as I was to try and acquire it: “outbid”. Sad ? Yes, but this is all in the game of the passionate prints collector. The Russian farm print was for years the only example known and described by this artist. The exquisite Berries in Blue Vase is in the collection of a dear fellow collector in America who had it lovingly and respectfully restored to its former glory. 

If not allowed to have and hold its is comforting to know where certain works are kept.