Swiss (Basel) artist Alfred Peter is mainly known for his bookplates. Researching this prolific Ex-Libris maker it was found (stated) he is known to have created between 1900-20 some 100 larger format colour woodblock print of which 3 could be traced in the Internet (auction sites etc…).  This placed him among the very first German pioneers of Modern printmaking: Orlik-Thiemann-Klemm-Neumann-Frank-Berndt-Cunz etc…. 

Neujahr - Grüßen - Wünschen

A choice of bookplates. Some are miniature gems of printmaking using 5-7 plates. His landscapes rivalling colleagues Leschorn, Buchwaldt and when he depicts children maybe even with Helene Mass. He must be considered the King of Ex-Libris artists