Flower fantasy

The first print was literally saved from the bin when it was found it in a junk shop. The second one stayed unsold in a summer 2023 auction and was on its way to the charity shop when that one was rescued too. Researching this highly interesting artist (decorated American WW-II soldier with Polish roots, emigrated and started a career in the Netherlands and (questionable) Amsterdam gallerist and in later live the partner of German artist Hildegard Peters (1923-2017) who happens to be also represented. 

Several variations were found, proving Podulke experimented with colours freely. 

These are big prints (image size 45 x 60 cm.) I think I like the other 2 (below Archive) even better. And who can tell I will never stumble over them. 

These prints may not be to everybody’s taste but I like them very much. The are reminding of children’s art, the most spontaneous and  unspoiled artistic achievements.  


Some other expressionist and almost abstract designs by Podulke found in auction sites.