“Der Garten am Wasser 1918”

The only illustrated reference I know to represented Potnner’s Album  (25!) “Farbenholzschnitte, Der Garten am Wasser” is in the 2016 book by Sankt Gallen author Daniel Studer: “Fascination Farbholzschnitt”. It shows 24 colour (..) woodblock prints. The book is also the catalogue to the prints by Martha Cunz. The text states that besides this set (created in 1911 and published in 1918)  there are not many other (bird) prints. As with most printmakers there has never been tried to create a “Werkverzeichnis” or catalogue résumé of his work.

The picture of the cover and 6 others are copied from Studers book: they either have never showed up in the flesh or have escaped my attention.   

The prints to illustrate this album and Emil Pottner’s other (bird) prints are presented from my personal archive of saved auction records, literature etc…   

All comments, knowledge and additions are very welcome.