Emil Pottner’s “other” bird prints. 

It is unknown how many coloured woodblock prints Pottner may have created besides the 25 for his Album “Der Garten am Wasser”. A painter and sculptor he illustrated calendars, and books and published books with drawings, monochrome woodblock- and lithographic prints and etchings. A “Werkverzeichnis” or Catalogue Résumé was never created. Emil Pottner, born in Salzburg and living quietly and modestly near Potsdam surrounded by his birds was murdered, 70 years old, in Treblinka in 1942. 

Comparing these “other” prints (Daniel Studer states in his book Faszination Farbholzschnitt he only created a few other colour prints:

”einiger grossformatigen Einzelblätter”). My archive of auction and literature pictures counts 6 of such “other” prints. 7 when the bouquet (like the 4 published in the bird album ) is also counted.


All further know-how, comment, corrections and additions are most welcome. 

Possibly a study or a sketch for his quarrelling moore-hens print.