A lucky buy in a bundle containing my first (woodblock) print by German printmaker Dora Seifert. A rare but exquisite print by one of the finest French animal drawers.  Renouard’s name is attached to the earliest encounters of Japanese art (woodblock printing) and Europe, the birth of Japonism, Art Deco, Art Nouveau etc… at the Paris World Fair of 1886. 

He was very prolific artist working as an illustrator  in Paris and London, but best known by his sketches (French: croquis d’animaux). Several of his dog sketches are kept in Paris museums. A selection of farm animals was published in book in the 1890s by Paris editor Gillot at Rue Madame nr. 79.

Renouard was also the academy teacher of  lithographer Maurice Brianchon (see the accompanying biographies book) 

A choice of his dog sketches and some examples from his book “animal sketches”.