Eva Roemer (18 - 19) 


This group of 9 small prints in different sizes was acquired in America. They were possibly ordered and send to a relative or to friends. As long as they had an emotional meaning to the owner (the addressed or relatives) they have always remained together.  7 of them are annotated in English “Original woodcut” the other 2 in German suggesting they were specially created for the purpose.  


Eva Roemer was a very prolific printmaking artist. These archive sections share the pictures from the collection’s historic archive: they do not pretend to be complete. The pictures were found and saved along the building of this collection. They may serve as a guide and database to know “what is out there and may be found one day”. Most of what Modern Printmaking 1900-1935 has produced is still terra incognita: unchartered territory. 

Eva Roemer today is one the most sought-after & collectable modern printmakers, also in the New World. She was a descendant of family godfather Moses Mendelsohn (1729-1786) and great-granddaughter of Fanny: the composer’s sister.