Charlotte Rollius (1882 - 1946) 



One of Emil Orliks students and working also close with him possibly as assistant. Until a few years ago almost uniformly mistaken as “Charlotte Rollins” after a mis-spelling in an article by Malcolm Salaman in the renowned “the Studio” magazine which was accompanied by a reproduction of “Rosen un Fuchsien”. 


While all her known print have shown-up over the decades an original copy  “Roses and Fuchsias” never appeared in any sale room. One of the most “wanted” and saught after printmakers. Known by just a dozen prints.  Representing Charlotte Rollius with 4 examples underlines the “status” of this special collection of German Women Modern Printmakers. 

The archive proofs she was experimenting colours with the blocks.   

< Print she made collaborating with Emil Orlik