Gerda Rotermund-Rosenthal (1902 - 1962) 



With monogram GR but with margins cut the signature disappeared. Underlining the importance of managing an archive and research into every print selected and embraced in the collection it was attributed to Gerda Rotermund. When a second, signed, copy shows up proving the attribution wrong I shall be the first to acknowledge.  

Born a Rosenthal she was permitted to add her mothers family name to it. She had been student of both Käthe Kollwitz and Emil Orlik. So obscured an artist her tombstone was removed although she was buried in the same field as Marlene Dietrich. 

Although the print suffered (no doubt by unprofessionally removing frame and matt) it was restored to be presentable again in the conservation department. Researching her biography it was discovered she created the illustrations for a magazine showing a bird-eye view of one of the Nazis megalomane projects with euphemist name KdF Prora on Rügen: “Kraft durch Frieden”. Also known as the Colossus of Prora. Impossible to even demolish and remove it stands to this day and, and is a “must see in awe” tourist attraction