Ruth Schaumann is mainly known by her hand coloured woodblocks she used to illustrate her own books much in the style of the monks illustrating the medieval prayer books shortly after the invention of printing. All the unsigned prints found in Ebay are vandalised from her books and sold to make a cheap profit: an unrespectful and uncivilised practise. 

Once very popular the are not rare and can be picked-up, complete, for little money. Some are of bibliophile quality and bound by hand in the Japanese tradition Although not a big fan of religious and devotional art her prints (all her work) is very recognisable and attractive, in a league of its own. Of course she has to be represented in this collection.   

There are too many prints to show all pictures that can be found easily using Google so just a few nice examples are shown here. 

21 woodblocks from her booklet “Die Kinder und die Tiere” are shown in the link below