Archive I

Agreed: there will be always something interesting enough in every artist’s life achievements. The above prints sum up my idea of what is interesting in this artist’s complete and life time oeuvre. Am I being arrogant, belittling or just honest ?        

Judging him as an artist I think this is the harsh truth. But as a human being, compassionately, it also cruel.  But not less true…….. 

Consult the accompanying this collection and display’s book of biographies to learn more about this bread and butter artist’s dramatic life and whom’s signature is often misread and described as “illegible” or wrongly attributed. But why bother …… ?

Artistically he could never hold his own comparing with successful and original Dutch printmakers like Arie Zonneveld and Louis Haver. But his artistic efforts probably payed the bills … to some extend. 

Archive II

In the light of my overall collections and the quality of works created by so many fine and true artists, this representation of Jan Schippers also pays homage and respect to the artists of 2. and 3. echelons of artistic creativity. Those, who with their graphic skills, worked hard to earn “bread and butter”, find and supply niches in the world of cheap home decoration, and never being able to rise to any success, let alone fame or glory. 

He was a reasonably good (but still mediocre) painter who acquired some basic painting skills, treats and tricks. And obviously fell into repetition. But what a life, to earn a living and support ones family. From simple background, he died in poverty, 61 years old, almost begging for help, support, money and understanding. 

Maybe he should have sticked to painting, but he had to repeated himself to themes “that sold”, copying (pastiche) well known artists like the Amsterdam Breitner “Horse and Wagon” but now situated in Rotterdam.