Most recent acquisition (nov. 2022)

of a print (fine copy) by Else von Schmiedeberg my No.1 printmaking muze. It was realised with the help from my collecting friend Tom in Boston who before helped retrieve the (rare, only known copy) Italian print from the New World to Friesland. Before, with the help of other friend Wolfgang the location of the medieval market square and fountain/well was discovered: the “Engelsbrunnen” (built in the 1570s) in Wertheim am Main. One of the few historic German cities that escaped destruction by allied bombing.

In due time the dimensions of the prints will be added. Else von S. created only a couple of smaller prints, most are fairly large 30x40, 40 x50. But some, the rare nude, the sunflowers and rare winter landscape are impressive and huge prints. 

Read all about her life and career in the first and most comprehensive short biography in Das Haus der Frau Vol. I 

Archive prints & Wishlist 

22 prints, that came to my knowledge, form the total body of  Else von Schmiedeberg ’s production of colour woodblock prints. 17 are displayed here and actually in the collection. These next 3 are  known to exist from passed auction catalogues etc… and 2 others (never seen in the flesh “Stockrosen” and “Zypressenallee”) are shown in the rare 1917 Wohlgemut & Lissner catalog (women printmakers + Paul Leschorn.  

All information (where about of copies) and offers (hopefully) to obtain these last 3 prints in this collection are very welcomed. 

Other works by Else von Schmiedeberg-Blume 

Else von Schmiedeberg-Blume

Aquarel 46 x 60 cm.

“Blick auf Höher Göll & Hohes Brett bei Bieschofswiesen”


Berchtesgaden 1952.

Syllabus written with Else von Schmiedeberg: read the details of this students instruction course in Vol. 1

Drawing from the Syllabus which contains more works (drawings, watercolours etc.. by the artist. 

Gallery of known paintings by Else Schmiedeberg

collected from auction catalogues etc..