Archive prints & Wishlist 

20 prints form the body of  Else von Schmiedeberg ’s production of colour woodblock prints. 16 are displayed here . These 4 are  known to exist from passed auction catalogues etc… 

All information and offers to obtain these prints in this collection are very welcomed. 

Other works by Else von Schmiedeberg-Blume 

Else von Schmiedeberg-Blume

Aquarel 46 x 60 cm.

“Blick auf Höher Göll & Hohes Brett bei Bieschofswiesen”


Berchtesgaden 1952.

Syllabus written with Else von Schmiedeberg: read the details of this students instruction course in Vol. 1

Drawing from the Syllabus which contains more works (drawings, watercolours etc.. by the artist. 

Gallery of known paintings by Else Schmiedeberg

collected from auction catalogues etc..