Elisabeth Schönleber (1877 -1960)


Flanders scenes  

6 “Kunstlerkarten”: as good as (photo-lithopgrapic) reprodction techniques allowed series of postcard size prints, probably uniquely designed and commissioned for this purpose.  


Archived auction result of woodblock prints by Elisabeth Schönleber are all from the same auction batch (estate ?) found in a Dresden auction in 2011.   

Almost (but not totally) illegible signed lower left, and stylishly closest to any of the other (women) artists in my archive this print was attributed (with a reserve) to Elisabeth Schönleber. See also Emma Mayer for a similar scene. For some time (the signature does not match, Johanna Metzner was a candidate. 

Surfacing at an American print dealer this print also lead to a renewed effort to further her short biography. Earlier attempts failed to the find a family connexion to professor and painter Gustav Schönleber, although she is occasionally mentioned to be his daughter. She was not. 



Postcard edition of today Polish villages