Georg Schulein (1887 - 1969)

Ponts de Paris  

“Pollards - Kopfweiden” - Knotwilgen”)

Finding this neglected and orphaned water colour of a typical (is it ?) Dutch winter view of a still unidentified village, probably near The Hague, in a car boot was the starting point of an interesting investigative journey. Although as an artist and a human-being living, loving and working on this planet for 82 years, George Schulein today is completely obscured in history. Although much is still to be found out, added and fitted in, sharing what became known so far is interesting enough. 

When exactly, and why Georg Schulein came to Holland from Munich is still a mystery. It is not recorded in any city administration. When and where he married Anna Martina Beeuwkes, the daughter of a local and equally obscured Dutch (The Hague) painter is also still unknown. Their marriage was probably without children. 

What did became known is Georg was from a Munich Jewish Schülein family of bankers and international brewery owners, the generation above him a “band of brothers” working together, becoming very rich and influential. Note: Adolf Hitler held his first national socialist orations in his (Jewish !) uncles Munich brewery “Brauhaus”. Somehow their families almost all managed to escape Nazi Germany to New York in the late 1930’s and survived the Holocaust.

His artist cousin Julius married a French paintress in Paris and became a well known painter in New York. Others, including his brother Max became or married physicians and medical specialist, lawyers, art dealers, etc… 

Interesting information about the Schülein brothers was found but all help by visitors and passers-by is welcomed to find more about his father Gustav and mother Amaly Fuchs, his uncle Julius family etc.. 

Below: all (3) other recently known works by Georg Schulein after recent scanning auction records. His interesting book illustrations are not shown her.  


Some pictures to illustrate the Schülein biography. 

1: Joseph Schülein (his uncle) with characteristic hat, painted by Leo Samberger (1861-1949)

2: The Löwenbräu Brand.

3: Id.

4: Grave monument of his uncle Jospeh and his wife Ida Bär in Munich 

5: Julius Schülein (Georg’s cousin) and his French wife Suzanne Carvallo, also a painter.  

6: Mending fishing nets on the beach (1912): lithograpby Julius Wolfgang Schülein (Georg’s first cousin). 

7: Castle Kaltenberg 25 km. West of Munich, owned by his uncle Joseph and after WW-II by his cousin Fritz. 

8: Schülein Munich residence, Richard Wagnerstrasse.

All biographic information and help by visitors and passers-by who happen to find this entry is very much welcomed.  What is found and shared here was composed googling and puzzling on a rainy day in September 2022. All pictures borrowed freely from the internet and shared here are purely for academic and historic reasons and without any commercial motivation. GC