Harry Schultz is (mainly) known as a (Munich) marine painter and a native from Elbing (Prussia, todays Poland), before its almost complete destruction at the end of WW-II a beautiful walled medieval city and inland estuary tidal harbour on river Elbing. Situated at the Baltic Sea roughly between Danzig (Gdansk) and Königsberg (Kaliningrad). Here the traditional Loma, a flat bottomed wooden trading sailing ship, with one or two masts, was build. This same copy of this print was offered and probably sold in 2016 (when the photo was archived and the printmaker Harry Schultz researched) and again showed up recently. The golden moment to acquire it.    

 Harry Schultz      


Harry Schultz was the son of Elbing’s Gymnasium director August Schultz and studied in Munich, living alternatively in Munich and Elbing. All his life he has been a keen sailor. Born and living in Elbing he was well acquainted with the nearby Nidden artists and a friend of printmaker Daniel Staschus. He was also friends with influential Glasgow art dealer Alexander Reid (1854-1928) friend of Vincent Van Gogh, who also painted his portrait, and James McNeill-Whistler.     

Portrait of Alexander Reid by Harry Schultz and by Vincent Van Gogh.     

Danzig’ iconic “Sternwarte”, astronimical observatory.