This Tulips print appeared 2022 in German Ebay and is in the archive: sadly I was outbid in the auction. It was the first time the name of the artist Recha (Rebecca) Schwabacher came up. It lead to a new and her first (Jewish) artist short biography and to many new questions. 

Sadly, the name of her mother is nowhere mentioned. Any genealogic help by readers stumbling over this page is welcomed. 

In the research this bookplate for Selma Schwabacher was discovered. In the preliminary sketch of a family tree she is most probably the wife of her uncle Nathan Schwabacher. Their 3 children escaped Nazi Germany to America building New-World branches of the Schwabacher family. Several other members of the Schwabacher family originating from Frankfurt and Wützburg were already settled in America in the 19. century. 

Recha, although she married twice stayed without children, as far as I could find out. 

She is also known (mentioned) as Recha Horovitz-Schwabacher and Recha Loewenthal-Schwabacher but is not found as an artist in any publication or reference work. See the accompanying this collection book of artists biographies for her father’s genealogy.