This Tulips print appeared 2022 in German Ebay and is in the archive: outbid in the auction.  It was the first time the name of this artist came up. It lead to a new and first (Jewish) short biography and to many new questions. In the research this bookplate for Selma Schwabacher was discovered. In the preliminary sketch of a family tree she could be the wife of uncle Nathan Schwabacher. Their 3 children escaped Nazi Germany to America building new New-World branches of the Schwabacher family. Several other members of this family were already settled in America. 

Recha, although married twice stayed without children, as far as I could find out. 

She is also known (mentioned) as Recha Horowitz-Schwabacher and Recha Loewenthal-Schwabacher but is not found as an artist in artist publication or reference work.