A lithographic calendar plate which was privately published by the artist Nicolaas Sickenga., who was a completely obscured and unrecorded amateur printmaker. But a good one. His 1935 calendar consisted of 6 separate plates, the other 5 still undiscovered. But said to be: a dog, a rooster, horses, a rabbit and goats. If this was his only calendar and edition numbers are unknown. 

His signature was only read with difficulty and by his name there is no entry in any official artists database or lexicon. 

Making high quality lithographic calendars after WW-I became very fashionable in the Netherlands and many fine artists were commissioned by renowned companies like Senefelder in Amsterdam. Many were executed in a square format. 

Theo van Hoytema, Henri Verstijnen, Germ de Jong, Sjoerd Kuperus, Sam van Beek….. are among the fine Dutch artists known to have created original works. The calendars and the plates today are very collectible but also still “terra incognita” to many print collectors.