Dachsgrund at Grunewaldsee near Berlin 

One of the most iconic and thoroughly Japanese prints was created in 1910 by Carl Thiemann from this spot: the pine trees on a slope of the Grunewaldsee (river Havel system) just West of Berlin in the Grunewald forest. To illustrate how Japanese it is, and for fun, Mount Fuji was pasted in. The Bamboo print (click) will lead you to a recent (2024)  and surprising find.

The small canyon running down the Dachsberg (154 mtr.) is known as “Elsgrund”. The other, southern hill is the Karlsberg (140 mtr.) on which the Grunewald lighthouse was build. All well known Berlin artists came her to paint the spectacular views. Not far away printmaker Emil Pottner lived on its shortes. The whole Havel system is an ice age remnant, the remains after the gletsjers and land ice retreated. 


Thiemann created several different prints and views of this particular area (views and pines) experimenting with composition etc. after his visit in 1906-07.  Perhaps, in due time they will be added here to illustrate. They can also be found in the reference books. Mysteriously this extremely rare copy found me in an auction room not far from my home.