Elisabeth (Betty) Tremlett (1925 - 2010)

“After John Hall Thorpe” 

I have no idea with what kind of technique these wonderful and no doubt John Hall Thorpe (below) inspired pastiches were created: they look like original hand coloured ink drawings to me.  

There were 3 pair of them found in her estate and pictures were send to me by her niece Carrie Cowdry who’d found my JHT attribution in my former Blog “The Linosaurs”. She gave me her name and dates and told me her aunt lived latterly in Wiltshire and allowed me to show them in this website (as a guest). She was under the impression they were created as paper cut outs.  

I have no idea if Mrs. or Miss Tremlett was a professional artist but these original pieces are very nice, creative and highly decorative and certainly deserve renewed and broader attention.