I am convinced had this print been by a well known printmaker, or if only had a known name attached, it would have been sold “in no time”. To the seller and most buyers however the signature appeared to be “unleserlich” (illegeble). 

Although offered inexpensively it found no grace first round” in eBay. Relisted even cheaper it still did not find a new home. So I felt obliged to save it last minute. 

Rudolph Ullrich was a Czech printmaker who lived and worked all his life in Liberec (Reichenberg) as “Heimatkünstler”. So did Karl Johne, but he would rise to fame as a printmaker. His prints sell !

The charming (1931) composition of a boy overlooking the landscape from Jesken (does it show the illustre mountain top near Liberec ?) with an old-folks bench under an old pine tree is also a contemplative one and besides, very “Japanese”. 

Perhaps I am overly romantic in my valuation: but can you disagree or blame for 19€ ?