A square in Paris

What to think about this 1920’s post-impressionist painting ? 

Acquired as probably one of the last works of art in 2023 this small gem was added to this humble collection. The exact location in Paris is still unknown. As is its maker. It could be by a variety of (great) artists: Marquet, Morrice, Friesz….  The composition, the perspective and technique are remarkable. Is that a gendarme standing beneath the statue ? Besides: I just love tramways in paintings. And Morris columns so iconic of Paris. The automobile models look 1920-ish. To me.  Someone, some day, will recognise the location. And hopefully also the artist. 


Just for fun: some examples to illustrate and welcoming this new painting in this collection. Some of them really famous, some forgotten.  

1) Vincent van Gogh, 2) Edvard Munch, 3) Othon Friesz., 4) Albert Marquet,

5) Lovis Corinth, 6) Jean Béraud, 7) Willibald Kramm and 8) Arthur Marie comte du Passage.