“2 Tortelduiven” (Eurasian collared dove)  

Cousin twice removed (they shared a common great grandfather) of Groningen “De Ploeg” artist group painter Ben (B.H.D.) Walrecht (1911-1980). From an unknown March 1936 magazine edition.  Known as a schoolteacher in province Zealand he was also a keen amateur field biologist, photographer, drawer and printmaker (known by just this print). 

Some examples by his cousin Ben, who had a wonderful impressionist style and pallet. The good ship Alida (from his de Ploeg friend George Martens (1894-1979) and named after his wife and also de Ploeg member artist Alida Pott (1888-1931)

Then: “Loosdrecht” in the style and colours of Claude Monet and a watercolour view on the village of Grouw unfar from where I live.