This small personal choice of some of Whiteley’s drawings is following the Website’s page of Raoul Dufy. Although his drawings look deceivingly simple they are the result of his artistic talent, training and skill and no doubt endles deliberation about composition, line and space. Anyway, although I am not an art historian or critic, his series of seemingly effortless sketches and ideas inspired by an intimate (Renoir) moment of his wife Wendy in the bathroom, prove they are created along this path. The result is as iconic as a Picasso (imho).  

This résumé is hopefully not violating any copyrights (if so: the images will be removed instantly). They are used non commercially to illustrate my personal taste and admiration, illustrating and following my personal journey through the world of Art.    

From Dufy to Whiteley has proven to be an “explicable” exercise and journey. To connect Brett Whiteley to another Australian painter, Craig Ruddy (1968-2022) — below— needs explanation. Ruddy’s sculptural division of the space inside a square is a painting owned by Jim Elliot, Whiteley’s son-in-law and the widower of his daughter Arkie (1961-2001). Whiteley also painted his daughter.