Henri Wils (1892 - 1962)

Henri Wils (1892 - 1962)

Wils came to the Netherlands in WW-I as a refugee from Antwerp where he had been a student of Edward Pellens. He kept faithful to the technique he learned from his teacher all his life, creating prints with wood and linoleum blocks the old, almost Chiaroscuro technique. A key block and two darker blocks for shading and creating depth. Which worked fine for his mainly topographic city and monument subjects. Not particularly artistic, but technically fine and decorative prints which were in demand and payed his bread and butter. 

Besides his some two dozen known block prints he was also a skilled lithographer and book cover designer   



Rotterdam, Vlaggeman 

Veenpad, Snuifmolen

Harderwijk, Vuurtoren

Dordrecht, Voorstraathaven

Dordrecht, Grote Kerk 

Dordrecht, Palingstraatje 


Rotterdam, Provenierskerk


Utrecht, Dom

Amsterdam, Munt

Breda, Grote Kerk 

Rotterdam, Laurenstoren 

Rotterdam, Spuitwater

Rotterdam, Steiger 


Rotterdam, Zuidblaak 

Rotterdam, Laurenstoren

Dordrecht, Grote Kerk  

Rotterdam, Viaduct  

Rotterdam, Harbour