Eduard Winkler, who was born in St. Petersburg in Russia, in his time was a respected and well known Munich artist but today has become forgotten and obscured. After acquiring these three works, the 2 original drawings reminding of classic poses by Rembrandt (or his school),  some highly interesting biographical facts concerning his fathers and ancestral family came to light. These works were bought from an estate sale dissolving a collection by relatives (heirs) of the artist. Although there were many more very desirable paintings, etchings and drawings on offer this choice was made.  Had to be made …..


Some examples from the recent estate sale, which included several self portraits. Not many other works besides these recently revealed and auctioned works can be found. Although a nice first short-biography was written based on my research, I would very much like to know the name and identity of his wife, Resl Prohaska and what became of their family. 

Their son Peter fell on the Eastern front in 1942, 22 years old. Winklers studios were bombed and losing most of his work.