Rare and obscured printmaker visiting Paris in 1908. Friends with Agnes von Bülow-Salomon and no doubt acquainted with the works of Albert Marquet and the other Mont Martre circle artist.    

Their existence, their dating and the connections to Paris, Gertrud Stein, Gabrielle Munter and the Mont Martre artists gathered in Paris at the time make these 3 Paris prints (with those by Agnes Salomon) of historic importance. They help to explain the birth of Modern Printmaking in Germany. 

These prints came into this collection by a very special way. They were not meant to be released from the Wippermann family estate but somehow were obtained legally in auction. The Wippermann family, reassured knowing they were in the best possible and secure place. 

Contact with the Wippermann family revealed the connection with Agnes Salomon who had been before the subject of intensive research after Agnes Salomons personal diary-poetry album found in a Bruxelles flea market had founds its way to me. 

A copy of Agnes’ print “Au Café”  (below) was among Marie Wippermanns possessions. Read all about the remarkable conditions leading to this prints in this collection in Vol-I.