Flowering Dogwood, Cornus Kausa, (German: Hartriegel) 

Left: Flowering Dogwood by Gretchen Wohlwill (cousin of her husband), student of Matisse and best known of these two Hamburg and Jewish Wohlwill artists. 


Until recently EWT was not known as a printmaker or graphic artist until this woodblock and an etching surfaced in a substantial “Nachlass” (from the estate of…) including some 1908-1912 pencil drawings of babies and small children obviously her own children Barbara (1908-1991) and Thomas (1911-2001). It is always a sad thing to see such intimate belongings becoming detached from the family. Especially in the case of Jewish families like the Wohlwills from Hamburg. 

* This print was acquired with the friendly help of print dealer Danny Arndt. See the Menu: list of addresses and interesting print dealers.