“Ein Knie geht durch die Welt, 

es ist ein Knie, sonst nichts”. 

Christian Morgenstern (1871-1914) , Das Knie. an antiwar poem (click) 

Large (40 x 50 cm.) lithographic print signed faintly “Zabka”. By this  Dresden artist, creator, owner and director of  the Lügenmuseum(Museum of Lies) in Radebeul - Dresden. Edition nr. 7/30

Wonderful surrealistic (or super realistic) frogs perspective of an unknown location, a courtyard of a typical German “Mietskazerne”. And a wandering knee.  This wonderful  can be hung 4 different ways without losing power it is neck bending and twisting experience.

This work is somewhat outside the scope and intentions of my general collections around  of works on paper by Weimar women artists born 1850-1900: There’s more to life !!