The Netherlands best known and most sought after (also internationally) woodblock printmaker, one of the first and very few Dutch classic colour woodblock printmakers who could match neighbouring German pioneering artists. 

With Arie Zonneveld I entered the world of woodblocvk printmaking. Once abundant and cheap today his prints fetch highest auction prize. Some 50 different prints are known. My collection of some 35 prints was used for swapping purposes following changed collection building criteria and financial reasons 

Two prints are still in my collection:

 “Lonely Birch”, which is a treasured gift from a dear friend , and “Korenveld” (compare it to Helene Mass’s “Ernte-segen”.  And also with Emma Mayer’s birch lane print 

See also my special collections of Zonneveld’s Dutch printmaking colleagues Louis Haver and Christiaan Spruit.