Rembrandt landscape etchings 

Ponts de Paris  

A small collection of prints-etchings after Rembrandt’s originals. It is a huge puzzle to try and learn about the many fine artists who copied Rembrandts originals, created  new works “after” his examples and later editions pulled from original, sometimes  restored plates.   

It is limited to Rembrandt’s landscape prints (17) although this is not handled as a hard or strict criterium: all Rembrandt designs are great art and therefore desirable to have an hold. And then there are the prints created by (and after) followers, students and friends. They were sometimes later dismissed from his catalogue raisonnée but “fooled” many experts for century’s. 


Still in the middle of the learning process these prints are shared in this humble corner. 

I suggest starting chronologically: with French etcher Charles Jacques. In his wake follow the other copy-ists I met along my journey and have come to my knowledge. 

Theo Beerendonck 

Reichsdrückerei Berlin 

Pieter de With

Carl Evald Enequist